Wine: Symington enters the capital of Caves Transmontanas


“For a long time, Symington Family Estates Vinhos SA had been considering the possibility of investing in the Portuguese sparkling wine business, where it recognizes that there is a high potential for appreciation and reputational gain”. This is how Symington Family Estates announced its entry into the capital of Caves Transmontanas this Friday.

With this deal, presented as “a happy meeting of wills between Symington, the TMG Group and Michael de Mello, the Symington family assumes, through a capital increase, a 50% stake in Caves Transmontanas, producers of Vértice sparkling wine.

The agreement, the value of which was not disclosed, “will allow the creation of the necessary financial support to promote the expansion of the business and investment in assets that allow it to continue on a path of excellence”.

Celso Pereira, the winemaker responsible for the production of Caves Transmontanas, takes a seat on the new Management Board, ensuring the continuity of the independent management of this business.

The Symington family, of Scottish, English and Portuguese descent, has been producing Port since 1882, currently including Graham’s, Cockburn’s, Dow’s and Warre’s in its portfolio, but also has other projects in the Douro, with the wines Quinta do Vesúvio, Quinta do Ataíde, Altano and Prats & Symington (Chryseia). In all, the group has 26 farms and 2,420 hectares of land in the oldest demarcated region in the world, 1,114 of which are vineyards and 130 have organic certification. In Alentejo, there is Quinta da Fonte Souto.

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