Tips from the fashion world: 5 things you should avoid!


People should be free to wear what they want.

However, dressing well is important in many situations.

Unfortunately, we are still judged by our appearance at work, job interviews, and among friends.

You don’t need to have a lot of money to avoid making a few fashion mistakes. Much depends on our effort to devote a little time to it. Find out what you should avoid:

wrong clothing size

We often buy things that are not suitable for our body shape. We usually choose things that are very small and fit like a second skin.

Contrary to appearances, we don’t look slimmer with it, on the contrary, tight clothing emphasizes all our folds.

If you’re not sure which item suits you best, ask the seller’s opinion. However, it’s best to check your measurements and ask the store what size item you should wear. There are different sizes and this is the easiest way to avoid mistakes.

Should shoes match the bag?

In fact, the colors must be in harmony with each other.

If a woman wears these two accessories of the same color, no one will think it’s a random choice. The combination will be perceived as conscious and thoughtful. It is also important to match the bag and shoes in terms of style, material and shape. It is good to be aware that, for example, pointed shoes will not harmonize with a round bag.

clothes not ironed

This is a perfect example of how little it takes to look good. The truth is that even clothes from a few years ago, but pressed, will look better than wrinkled.

If you don’t iron your clothes, you will likely be perceived as sloppy. So even if your clothes are simple, keep them clean and pressed. In addition, it is possible to renew your wardrobe without spending too much, using discount coupons, such as renner store discount couponfor example.

too much jewelry

Even if the media says otherwise, remember that it’s better to wear less jewelry. It also shouldn’t be too flashy and tacky. Follow the rule of wearing no more than two pieces of the same style at a time. For example, you can choose earrings and a watch or a ring and a chain.

excessive combination

Some people want to look very original and create their own style, but not everyone works for it. Combining too much is not good.

Don’t be swayed by what you see on famous people’s blogs. In the show business scene, there are many fashion victims who adhere to the principle that the weirder, the more fun. However, it is the simplicity that will always stand out. If you have no sense of style, try shopping for timeless items. Also, buy less but have better quality.

Just someone mentioning that something is trendy, seeing it in a fashion magazine, or reading it on a blog, and you buy it right away.

An example is wicker bags. Many girls bought it and ended up not using it.

Unfortunately, following fashion blindly isn’t always good. First of all, what is in fashion is not always pretty or suits us. Another argument is that dozens of girls on the streets look the same. Do you want to be one of them? Probably not.

Be free!

Always remember that these are just a few tips and suggestions, but that you should be free to use what you feel best and most comfortable with. We shouldn’t please anyone but ourselves. And being outside the standards imposed by society most of the time is liberating!

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