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See aspects that should be considered when choosing the style of decoration for your home

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The decoration of our home influences all day-to-day activities, being able to disturb or improve our routine, right? Therefore, it is very important to make good decisions regarding it, always considering our tastes and needs.

However, choosing a style of decoration for the house and leaving it with your face may not be as simple as it seems, after all, it is necessary to keep an eye on several different aspects and details at this time. So, check out some important tips that should be taken into account when planning your home decor style:

Pay attention to materials

Many believe that buying beautiful furniture is enough when it comes to decorating the house, but this is not the reality. Is important pay attention to the quality of the materials used. in each room to achieve the desired cosiness in the house.

For floors and doors, for example, wood is the most suitable, while in the bathroom and kitchen the ideal is to use natural stones. For bed, table and bath items, in turn, it is best to bet on materials such as cotton and linen. All this will help in the well-being of your home, see?

The materials of surfaces and items in the house need to be very well thought out

The materials of surfaces and items in the house need to be very well thought out

Photo: Shutterstock / Alto Astral

Be careful when choosing colors

When we think about the color of our home, the first thing that comes to mind is the walls. However, it is not only in them that the colors appear. Attention also needs to be paid to the tones of the woodwork, the floor, the kitchen furniture, the sofa, the countertop, the tiles, the bathroom, the appliances, among other items and surfaces.. So, keep all this in mind when choosing the colors that will predominate in your home, huh?

Remember the importance of light

To enhance the style of your home, paying attention to lighting is also very important. In this sense, a tip is to think of a lighting project that helps to enhance and highlight the most beautiful and interesting parts and objects of the environments.

In addition, you also need to think about the functionality of the light and your specific needs. If you’re looking to relax at night, when the lights are usually on, for example, it might be a good idea to avoid white light and halogens. However, the rule is not the same if you are working from home and at night. In other words, the best is always think carefully about the needs of those who will live in the environment.

The type of light best suited for your home will depend on your taste and needs.

The type of light best suited for your home will depend on your taste and needs.

Photo: Shutterstock / Alto Astral

Be true to your personality

your house can show a lot about your personality and your daily life — if you live alone, if you have a family, if you need a space to work at home, if you spend a lot of time doing some activity that we like, etc.

Therefore, it is important to be true to your personality when setting up the decoration, without trying to just “copy” what you have seen in other homes. The best advice, in this sense, is always to dare to try. Mix new pieces with old ones, wood with metal, classic with modern… give your face to your home. The most important thing is to get a house that, with its balance and beauty, makes you feel good.

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