Ticiane Pinheiro shows her youngest daughter at school and surprises


Ticiane Pinheiro shows record of youngest daughter at school and enchants

the presenter Ticiane Pinheiro delighted the fans by showing a beautiful click of the youngest daughter. The celebrity is the mother of two girls. The eldest daughter, Rafaella Justus, turned 13. She is the result of her old relationship with the presenter and businessman Roberto Justus.

Little Manuella, daughter of her current marriage with journalist César Tralli, turned three years old. Recently, Tici and César celebrated their youngest daughter’s birthday with a beautiful party. The theme chosen for the celebration was “Enchanted Garden”.

To celebrate the little girl’s third birthday, the famous dads organized a dream party. The decoration featured many flowers and ornaments that resemble forests and woods.

On another occasion, the communicator took advantage of her daughters’ school holidays and embarked with her family on a pleasant trip to Fortaleza, Ceará. In one of the records shared on the social networks of Ticiane Pinheirothe girls appeared on a tour of the Northeastern city’s water park.

The presenter took advantage of the moment of relaxation with the heiresses and delighted to show that the little girls follow their taste for fashion. The trio bet on a combination of models with the same print.

After spending the vacation period, little Manu returned to her school routine. On the afternoon of this Thursday (28), Ticiane Pinheiro took advantage of the daughter’s distraction and recorded the moment when the girl appears next to a friend and the teacher at the school.

In the images you can see Manu very excited about the return of classes. Even the little girl appears concentrated. While the teacher takes the opportunity to show some activities that are glued to the classroom wall.

All drooling for the youngest, Tici took advantage and photographed Manu all smiling next to her friend in the school hallway. She still melted for the heiress when writing in the caption: “Back to school”.

Instagram reproduction Ticiane Pinheiro shows record of daughter with César Tralli at school and enchants

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