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There are two new houses in Gerês for rent this summer (with private jacuzzi and all)

Casa da Vila and Casa Pedra Bela are located in Terras de Bouro and have been available for rent since June.

It has a jacuzzi just for you.

Pure air, biodiversity, fauna, flora, lakes and waterfalls. Gerês is an idyllic green landscape and it is no coincidence that it is one of the most popular Portuguese destinations throughout the year. The natural beauty that emanates from the river and streams, waterfalls, mountains and valleys takes thousands of people to travel kilometers to spend their holidays in this unique place in the country.

Since the beginning of June, there are two new luxury homes available.s for rent this summer. Right in the heart of the Peneda-Gerês National Park, you will find Casas Bela Vila, which preserve the traditional architecture of Minho.

The owners of village house and gives Casa Pedra Bela are Ana Torgal and Joris Bogers, both 27 years old and residing in the Netherlands. Ana Torgal is from Fafe and, when she was studying Chemical Engineering in college, she had the opportunity to do Erasmus abroad, where she met the one who would be her future husband. She ended up staying there to live, but never leaving her country behind.

“They are resident abroad and decided to invest in the Gerês region due to the high tourist growth”, tells NiT António Antunes, manager of the two local accommodations. It is the couple’s first investment in Portugal, making their debut in the world of hospitality with two houses that keep the true culture of the Peneda-Gerês National Park alive.

Both located in Terras de Bouro, with a five-minute drive between them, the houses are practically as they were bought, with just a few adjustments in the decoration.

Casa Pedra Bela, for example, can accommodate six people (plus a baby) and is perfect for family holidays or groups of friends. “The house was restored a few years ago by the former owner and stands out for its rustic appearance and for maintaining the traditional architecture of Minho”, he says.

The accommodation values ​​the construction in granite, a stone characteristic of the Terras de Bouro and has three bedrooms.the comfortable ones, all with a double bed, a fully equipped kitchen, two bathrooms (both with shower) and a spacious living room with a pool table.

In addition to the rustic look, one of the highlights of Casa Pedra Bela is the outdoor jacuzzi exclusively for guests. “The jacuzzi can be heated and guarantees a comfortable stay in both winter and summer.”

Outside there is also a barbecue for outdoor dining. As it is located in the village, it combines nature with tradition very well and gives guests “the feeling of what it is really like to be in Gerês”.

Unlike the first accommodation, Casa da Vila has modern architecture, but without losing the traditional characteristics of the region, not least because the lower floor is built in stone. The house has three suites, all with a double bed and a private bathroom, and has capacity for eight people.

The living room and kitchen are spacious and fully equipped. The outdoor area contains a garden, a barbecue and a swimming pool that “gives the feeling that it has an infinity edge”. Everything you need for a relaxing holiday in Gerês.

The two guesthouses are located just a few minutes away from the most famous attractions of the Peneda-Gerês National Park, such as the river beach of Souto or the river beach of Terras de Bouro. There are also several trails available for those who enjoy walking in nature and many traditional restaurants in the surroundings.

Average prices per night are around €190 and €240 and reservations can be made at Airbnb, Booking or via mobile number 917 759 300. Click on the gallery to discover Casa da Vila, with capacity for eight guests.

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