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Ana Castile, the 18-year-old girl who reached number 1 on Spotify with her music “Popcorn”, is among the trends of the moment. The hit, which he recorded in partnership with his partnership with DJ Chris on Beat and Melody, mixes country music with funk and electronic beats.

Ana Castile

Photo: Reproduction/Instagram/@boiadeira / Them on the Red Carpet

The girl, who says she is shy, but lets out her voice with power, has her fashion style linked to the sertanejo world, in which she has always lived. in the lyrics of “Popcorn”, mentions items that make up the clothing of the “boiadeiras”: “Boot, buckle and karanda hat/ Red lipstick for the ‘playba’ to cry”. The Karanda model has a wide brim and is usually made of straw.

Ana Castile

Ana Castile

Photo: Reproduction/Instagram/@boiadeira / Them on the Red Carpet

Born in Sete Quedas, Mato Grosso do Sul, he learned a lot on his grandfather’s farm in Paraguay, even driving a tractor. Even with this foot in the field, he takes to his looks a feminine and current side, such as shine and the color pink. And he even jokes in the captions of some photos, like the one he wrote: “From cowboy to patricinha”. In it, she appeared in a cropped top and jeans.

Check out 6 of the singer’s looks. A full plate for those who like the country world. And also for those who get into the dancing wave. Ana Castela posts several videos teaching the choreography, always wearing her inseparable cowboy hat.

Pink, glitter and jeans

The pink shirt receives shiny applications. Fitted, the piece pairs with embroidered jeans. In addition to pink, jeans with applications are on the rise.

little black

The short skirt, the cropped blouse, the fringes and the shine prove that Ana Castela’s fashion style goes beyond the classic sertanejo and includes pieces that are current trends. The black hat refers to the rural world.

cropped and jeans

Without the hat, Ana Castela appears with the cropped top, high-waisted jeans with a thin belt. “From boiadeira to patricinha”, wrote the young woman, whose Instagram account is @boiadeira.

Shirts, hat and jeans

In this carousel of photos, Ana Castela once again appears with tight shirts, one in red and the other in black, with crystal embroideries, a trademark of the singer. In the first photo, the Karandá hat. In the others, black cowboy hat.

Plaid shirt

Of course, the traditional plaid shirt could not be missing from his wardrobe. The hat completes the look.

dress and sneakers

At 18 years old, Ana Castela also bets on youthful looks, which are on trend, such as the fitted dress with sparkle and All Star long-top sneakers. Very urban ballad look.

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