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Part of what makes women The real housewives so intriguing is the sheer amount of wealth they have. From the cars they drive to the size of their lockers, it’s fascinating to see their realities spread across Bravo.

Due to differences in property values ​​between the cities and states shown in real housewives franchise, some of the famous families live in multi-million dollar homes while others live in million dollar homes. The taste of luxury is the same, but the price depends on the zip code and how the real estate market is. Due to these factors and more, there are a handful of women who live in more expensive homes than others.

Updated July 29, 2022, by Lynn Gibbs: With each new season of The Real Housewives comes new changes in ownership, dynamics and castmates. Housewives are quite fluid with their properties and are not afraid to show off their vacation homes, rental properties, and prime properties. It’s one of the things Bravo fans love to see when a new housewife joins the cast, because it gives a little snippet of what their day-to-day life is like while living in such a luxurious home. And while it looks like the most expensive homes in the franchise are on the West Coast, these housewives have spent money to live in these homes.

11 Monique Samuels (RHOP): $4.7 million

Monique Samuels starred for four seasons of The Royal Housewives of the Potomac before leaving the franchise. Not only did she have an iconic confessional look, but she is also known for her mansion in potomac, Maryland.

According to angryMonique and her family moved into a $4.75 million home in 2019. The mansion is 12,000 square feet, and as she described it to angry, “It has that timeless log home feel.” There’s even a shark tank in the kitchen! “So it still has a rustic feel, but it’s like a modernized rustic,” she went on to describe.

10 Sutton Strake (RHOBH): $5.3 million

Since the 11th season of Tthe real housewives of beverly hills centered around Erika Jayne’s legal troubles, Sutton wasn’t the funniest housewife that season, but she was one of the wealthiest. Sutton mentioned that she was renovating a new house she just bought that year and was renting the old house from Kyle Richards.

Now, in Season 12, viewers have seen that Sutton has finally moved into her beautiful home that has four bedrooms, five bathrooms and 6,000 square feet. She spent $5.3 million for this Bel Air home, according to Yahoo.

9 Ramona Singer (RHONY): $6.43 million

Ramona Singer’s flight to the Hamptons was shown more times in The Real Housewives of New York than your coverage in the city. Some of the most memorable moments on the show took place at Ramona’s home in the Hamptons, because it was always seen as a little vacation.

Heavy notes that Singer bought the house in 1994 for just under a million. Nowadays, The richiest claims it is worth over $6.4 million. The home sits on over an acre of land, has a 120-bottle wine fridge, and is 7,000 square feet in one of New York’s most sought-after destinations.

8 Dorit Kemsley (RHOBH): $6.47 million

Dorit Kemsley has been a part of the series since season 7 and has had some of the best quotes from the series. Due to her love of travel and high quality designs, she, her husband and children moved into this beautiful farmhouse in Encino.

The $6.4 million home is 9,000 square feet, has six bedrooms and a movie theater, according to Style. Fans watched Dorit make the house her home in Season 10 and saw the project complete in Season 11. Realtor noted that there’s even a Zoom room for online classes and meetings. In Season 12, fans saw the heartbreaking moment this house was broken into while Dorit and her kids were at home. For now, the family has no plans to move.

7 Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave (RHOBH): $6.49 million

Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave was another housewife from RHOBH with an expensive pillow. Teddi’s time on the show was surrounded by Puppygate and defending her friendship with Kyle Richards, which fans were supportive but not enough to keep her on the show.

Since starring in the show, Mellencamp Arroyave and his family have moved into a new Encino mansion for $6.49 million, according to NY mail. Realtor noted that the home has seven bedrooms and is 8,245 square feet — big enough for this family of five.

6 Kameron Westcott (RHOD): $7.5 million

Bravo announced a few years ago that the network was going down The Real Housewives of Dallas of your cast. That meant fans of the franchise wouldn’t get a closer look at Kameron Westcott’s expensive home.

With two kids and dogs to entertain, Westcott and her husband bought the 9,700-square-foot home in Dallas for $7.50. million. In 2020, fans saw Westcott’s husband sell his home for around $5 million and surprise her with this dream home, according to The sun. There is a three-car garage, five bedrooms and nine bathrooms.

5 Kyle Richards (RHOBH): $8.2 million

Now that Kathy Hilton is friends with the series, fans can’t get enough of the Richards sisters and their connections on and off the show. With Kyle Richards being an OG housewife from the start, fans have seen her move a few times, but her current home in Encino is 10,600 square feet — big enough for her and Mauricio’s four kids and dogs.

The couple bought the property for $8.2 million and it has seven bedrooms, eight bathrooms and eight fireplaces. trulia. It is one of the most exquisite houses shown in RHOBH, and the women gather there frequently for cocktails and dinners.

4 Sonja Morgan (RHONY): $10.75 million

Fans feel that Sonja Morgan was a part of RHONY from the beginning because of her long-lasting relationships with the other housewives. She’s had memorable struggles and sad downfalls, but fans always support Sonja and want the best for her. One of Sonja’s struggles was selling her five-story home on the Upper East Side.

Sonja originally put the house on the market for $10.75 million. But due to dated factors, Sonja didn’t have any bites and dropped the price to $8.75 million, according to The sun. After trying to sell the house for 10 years, it went in and out of the market. In July 2022, Sonja put it back on the market for the same price, $8.75 million. Regardless of the market, the villa has a garden, koi pond, several balconies and five bedrooms.

3 Lisa Vanderpump (RHOBH): $11.9 million

When RHOBH fans were introduced to Lisa Vanderpump, she lived in a 17,000-square-foot mansion that she had just sold for $19 million, according to The Daily Mail. The house fans think of most when they think of Lisa is the house she and her husband Todd called Villa Rosa.

Some of Lisa’s best episodes were filmed inside the Villa Rosa and were shown heavily on RHOBH spin off, Vanderpump Rules. The 8,801-square-foot, five-bedroom Beverly Hills home was purchased for $11.9 million, according to Nicki Swift. What makes this house so spectacular are the outdoor spaces and the different types of flowers that perfume the air.

two Diana Jenkins (RHOBH): $13 million

Diana Jenkins is the newest housewife RHOBH and she is making a huge success with her vast wealth. In addition to her friendships with Lisa Rinna, Crystal Kung-Minkoff and Kathy Hilton, fans couldn’t stop talking about her life of riches.

Lisa Rinna noted that before Diana moved into her $13 million home, she sold her last home for a whopping $87 million! If she still had that house, she would be number one on this list. However, her $13 million home is equally sensational. Dirt noted that she purchased this home in Hidden Hills in 2019. It sits on nearly 4.4 acres of land, has seven bedrooms, eight bathrooms,

1 Heather Dubrow (RHOC): $21 million

Heather Dubrow was one of the funniest housewives in the world. The Real Housewives of Orange County before moving on to other projects. However, she returned for season 16 (and soon 17). Now that she’s back, fans have seen the inside of her epic mansion, which is the most expensive of all.

The Dubrows have been working on their Orange County home for years and it’s finally done. The 40,000-square-foot oceanfront mega-property has a game room and a movie theater, according to Architectural Summary. entertainment tonight also noted that the house has 14 bedrooms for the couple and their four children.

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