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Born in 2010, Leah Rose and Ava Marie Clements received modeling proposals from an early age. Jaqi, the twins’ mother, signed the girls’ first contract with an agency when they were just six months old. However, their lives changed from the moment they both turned seven, as soon as the responsible made a publication on Instagram. Information extracted from the portal La Vanguardia.

Jaqi made a simple publication, but did not expect to have the feedback he received. Soon, the little girls went viral and were dubbed by the media as “the most beautiful twins in the world”. After the photo went viral, proposals from agencies started knocking on their doors.

“I told the girls if it was ok for them to do some work, added to their dancing and swimming lessons every week,” says the mother in her post. blog. In addition, she says that her daughters have always shown interest in front of the cameras.

Currently, the twins work for two modeling agencies, in addition to being involved in all kinds of projects – mainly with children’s fashion. With over 1.8 million followers on social media, the number continues to grow.

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shared fame

Chase, 12, brother to the twins, also took advantage of the opportunities that came to him through his sisters. The boy acts as a model, as well as his sisters, embracing the work around the world.

Although there has been an increase in the twins’ success as a model, several netizens expressed their opposing views on parents putting their daughters to work in modeling. However, the Clements reinforce the support offered to their children.

“My daughters like to be models, they like the adventures we go through every week, not knowing where we are going to end up”, declares Jaqi, “They love spending time with me in the car, it’s our ‘girl time’. They love choosing music, singing and finally enjoying our company. They love meeting new people, making friends, trying on clothes, accessories, having hairstyles and makeup on them, being sent free products just for being who they are… And I will support them as long as they model, or if at any time they want to. stop and do something different. We are 100% prepared for that.”

Even with the jobs coming up, the family has been going through a difficulty in the health area, related to the father. The man suffers from leukemia and needs an urgent bone marrow transplant. With a request made on social media in search of a donor, several followers became available.

“If he gets a transplant, he will be cured sooner,” Ava told People magazine.

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