Registration for Top Cufa 2022 closes in a week


Registration for the TOP Cufa 2022 contest at Central Única das Favelas Goiás (CUFA/GO) closes on July 30th. The project is an initiative to value female aesthetics and combat prejudice and which aims to provide opportunities in fashion and in the advertising market for girls who live on the outskirts of Goiás.

Watch the interview with the president of CUFA/GO, Breno Cardoso:

According to Breno Cardoso, president of CUFA/GO, the project strengthens, generates opportunities and values ​​women who live in situations of social vulnerability and who dream of shining in fashion.

“[A gente] it takes the invisible out of its invisibility, giving voice, time and opportunity for them to express their culture and their way of being. Top Cufa aims to generate opportunities for people who live in these territories within the fashion market and within the advertising market,” she said.

Cardoso evaluated that the contest can also interfere in the self-esteem of women from the outskirts of Goiás, through the valorization of aesthetics. “It generates self-esteem, appreciation for these girls, puts them in focus, within the fashion and advertising scene and connects these girls to these markets, agencies, who care, are important and influential in these markets. The objective is to generate opportunities and discover talents in these territories”.


TOP CUFA is a fashion contest aimed at women between 18 and 29 years old. Enrollments are carried out on CUFA/GO website, until the 30th of July. Interested parties can choose between two categories: fashion and street.

“The fashion category is for those who dream of being a model in the fashion world. The street category is for those who want to enter the advertising market”, explained Cardoso.

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According to the entity’s president, the award includes agency for the winners of both categories, as well as participation in the next edition of São Paulo Fashion Week (SPFW). Breno Cardoso pointed out that the contest will have four stages.

“The first selection is online, registration on the website; Then there is the face-to-face selection with the judges; The third is a workshop to define the finalists; And the grand finale is going to be on September 6, with 64 candidates,” she said.

The president of CUFA/GO argued that the jurors will be people from the fashion and advertising market, influencers. “They are people who can be bridges so that these girls can be seen and who knows, be discovered and come to awaken in the first selective”, he analyzed.

Favelas Cup

Central Única das Favelas has been present in Goiás for 10 years with the objective of “improving the quality of life of people from poor communities in the state”. The entity works with a focus on slums and peripheries, investing in actions that allow “new opportunities for people who live in a situation of social disadvantage”.

The TOP CUFA 2022 is one of several initiatives of the entity. “Cufa works with these appreciation and empowerment projects through five segments: sport, culture, education, citizenship and social entrepreneurship”, said Breno Cardoso.

CUFA/GO also organizes the Taça das Favelas, a football championship that is also open for registration. “We are opening registration for the favelas cup, which is the biggest football championship in the world among young people from the periphery. More than 100 territories in Goiás participate,” he explained.

The 2022 edition will have Goiânia, Aparecida de Goiânia and Senador Canedo as host cities. According to Cardoso, soccer teams made up of people who live within a radius of up to 50 kilometers from these cities can sign up for the championship.

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