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Friday, July 29, 2022

Edition: Friday, July 29, 2022


São Sebastião and Castelânea fear new rainy season

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Jaqueline Ribeiro – special for the Diário

With many problems arising from the storms at the beginning of the year to be resolved and with a good part of the places still without plans to carry out interventions that can reduce the risks for families living in affected areas in the regions of Castelânea and São Sebastião, Residents Associations they demand actions from the government that can minimize the risks for those who still live in the neighborhoods. In São Sebastião, the Residents’ Association is asking for measures to be taken in relation to the removal of debris from barriers and draws attention to the need for containment works on the slope between the upper part of Rua Adão Brand and Alexandre Fleming. The president of the São Sebastião Association, Luciano Pires, also reports the concern regarding the material that has fallen from the slope and is accumulated in the dynamic barrier existing at Frankling Roosevelt.

“We are still very concerned about stones that put houses at risk in different parts of the neighborhood. One of them is on Capitão Paladini Street; another on a staircase at the end of Olga Castrioto and a third on Vital Brasil, in the Agripino Felício servitude. are apprehensive because we are just a few months away from the end of the drought and we don’t even have a forecast of what will be done. The rocks, for example, if they roll over can hit several houses. Adão Brand. We know that the rains caused problems throughout the city, but we need some attention from the public authorities”, highlights Luciano Pires

The concern is the same among residents of the Castelânea region, where on Tuesday (27) the president of the Association, Juliana Esteves delivered to Mayor Rubens Bomtempo, a report with urgent demands identified in the region. In six pages, the document points out 10 points of concern in the region. The document brings up-to-date photos of the problems mentioned, which range from the need to remove debris, ruins from affected areas, cleaning rivers and culverts, to carrying out large-scale containment works on main roads, villages and easements.

Residents report that on Rua Olavo Bilac, the landslide containment was initiated by the State Government, but was stopped by the owner of the land, which is private. “The problem is that that landslide continues to pose risks to neighboring residents, in addition to the risk of blocking the only passage to Quitandinha in case of flooding on Rua Coronel Veiga”, explains the president of the Castelânea Association, Juliana Esteves, who also draws attention. for the need to clean the river and the culverts on the road.

The report points out that in the João Nicolau Neissius Servitude, five months after the tragedy there are still houses taken by mud and debris brought by the rains and calls for cleaning and containment in the area.

The situation is also worrying in Vila Luiz Macedo, where landslides have left several people homeless and even put residents at risk. “This is the most worrying area, which is located above Rua Conde d’Eu and puts both the houses in the village and the aforementioned street at risk. In this case, there is a need for urgent intervention by the public authorities to repair and contain the landslides that have taken place, as the lives of many people are at great risk,” the report highlights.

The document also highlights that Rua Conde d’Eu is located below Vila Macedo and therefore suffers from landslides. “There are four major landslides there. The biggest one had its containment taken over by the State Government, but the others continue, for 5 months, without any solution”, warns the association, which also points out the existence of open sewage in the place and non-passaged residents.

Residents are also concerned about the landslides on Rua Dr Oswaldo de Freitas. One of them hit a house and there is a need to remove the mud and contain the ravine on site. at another point, the concern is with the landslide that puts the electrical network and the passage of the street at risk in case of new rains. In this case, the claim is for cutting down trees, retaining slopes and replacing curbs. On the same street, on the border with Vila João Nicolau Neissius, the claim is for improvements in drainage “There, it is necessary to improve the flow of water, either through ditches or even increasing the curb”, points out the association.

The report also points out problems on Francisco Blatt Street, which gave way, affecting private land and a house. “The city hall blocked the passage, however, no work was carried out to contain the street. It is worth noting that the bus line that served the place was unable to transit on the site”, the document says. Residents are also asking for improvements to Pasteur Square, where traders suffered losses due to the rains in February and March. The association demands the general renovation of the square.

In a meeting with the MP and Seinfra, residents received information

In a meeting with the Public Ministry of the State of Rio de Janeiro (MPRJ) and the State Department of Infrastructure and Works – Seinfra, the Castelânea Residents’ Association received information about emergency interventions by the State foreseen for three points included in the report: 1º de Maio and Paulista streets, where landslides destroyed the streets and blocked houses and where there is a need for works to contain and restore the streets.

The Association’s president, Juliana Esteve, was also informed about interventions planned for Vila Vasconcellos, where houses were destroyed and where residents even signed a petition with some claims forwarded to the State.

The association also received information from the State about works at Sergeant Boening, where there are also records of landslides in places such as Estrada do Paraíso, where there is a need for containment, cleaning and renovation works in the area. “Seinfra informed us at the meeting with the Public Ministry, that these three locations, the projects are already underway for the works to begin”, said Juliana Esteves.

What does the mayor say?

The city government informed that the document sent by the Castelânea Residents’ Association is being analyzed by the City Hall.

Regarding the demands of São Sebastião, the city government informed that the Public Works Department is developing projects to contain slopes for several neighborhoods, including the São Sebastião region, in order to carry out reconstruction works. In addition to the resources that have been requested from the Ministry of Regional Development, the City Hall will use the credit obtained from Caixa Econômica to carry out these projects. One of them, under analysis at the Ministry, is for a retaining wall on Rua Capitão Danilo Paladini.

Friday, July 29, 2022

Edition: Friday, July 29, 2022

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