Ornare is present in five environments at CASACOR São Paulo 2022


Present at fairs and exhibitions in the architecture and decoration sector, ornament participates in the current edition of CASACOR São Paulo 2022. The brand will be in five different spaces with projects signed by the architects: Nildo José, Caio Bandeira, Tiago Martins, Lucas Takaoka, Sabrina Salles and Bárbara Dundes. The exhibition takes place between July 5th and September 11th, at the Conjunto Nacional, on Avenida Paulista, in São Paulo. With the theme “Infinito Particular”, CASACOR refers to biographical houses.

One of the environments on display is the so-called “Casa Cosentino Embaúba”, by architect and designer Lucas Takaoka. The project is inspired by the embaúba, a native Brazilian tree. With 220m², Ornare’s furniture will be in evidence in every kitchen and bedroom of the house. “The project represents a bit of the transformation of our own lives and the search for environments surrounded and embraced by vegetation. Just like the embaúba tree, which balances the forest and revitalizes a degraded area, we are also experiencing a moment of reconstruction”, explains Takaoka.

Marked by a line that mixes different coatings and contemporary details valued on a neutral base, Bárbara Dundes participates in the show for the first time. It features the Bereshí Studio, a 47 m² environment. “The shapeless lines and rounded corners are characteristics of Ornare’s linear/round line that we use to compose the kitchen. In the room with the Ikigai bookcase in metal and light wood. In the second room, the bedroom, we use the Wall System closet. My intention was to create a true refuge for the inner gaze, with the concept of returning to individual principles”, explains the architect.

Nildo José presents a 250m² space called “Sertão”, inspired by the painting “Cangaceiro”, a work by Candido Portinari, as a rescue of his origin, as the architect is from Bahia. “The main concept of the project is Brazilianness. I worked with the line shaker from Ornare to create an island kitchen. All environments reflect minimalism”, details the professional.

In her debut at CASACOR São Paulo 2022, Sabrina Salles signs the space Canto da Toscana. The architect brought a mixture of elements and styles from the shaker, by Ornare, for the 49m² gourmet area. “The inspiration is in timeless architecture with history and classic elements mixed with contemporary. The idea was to bring the air of Tuscany to the space, with a touch of rustic, cozy elements. Upper glass cabinets, housing the wine cellar, brewery, refrigerators and the lower part of the barbecue, which is entirely by Ornare”, says Sabrina.

Called “Singular Lounge”, the composition of the architects Caio Bandeira and Tiago Martins is a kitchen gourmetwith joinery by Ornare, where pieces are from the shaker and sky in the cabinets and frame. “Combining modern solutions, an attentive look at world trends and the inspiration of nature, we create a cosmopolitan and urban place”, explain the professionals.

In Esther’s opinion, the organization of CASACOR São Paulo 2022 was right in choosing this year’s theme.

“Participation in CASACOR is the result of intense work developed with our partners. We are very happy to offer our public quality furniture for contemporary environments, in which most people currently live and work”, concludes the executive.

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