Not afraid to mess with a rented apartment, she made a dream kitchen and became a hit – 07/28/2022


Moving from the Midwest of the country to Santa Catarina, in the South, 10 months ago, Ana Carolina Santos Oliveira was shocked when looking for a house to rent. “It was a surprise: there was no sink or cupboards in the kitchen,” she says.

Once the brokerage reported that it was a common practice in the region, she and her husband were left with little choice. “That’s when I saw the opportunity to have an American-style kitchen, just the way I loved it”.

Renting has never been a barrier to decorating, she says. So much so that he created a profile (@cantinhotodomeu) where he shares the progress of the houses in which he lives, with courage.

“People have this idea that they can’t do anything in a rental property. I focus on the little I can do to make my face look good and invest in what I can carry”, he points out.

Making perrengue a “picturesque” decoration, however, is not easy. “I had modular furniture, which looks planned, but is cheaper. The light wood with white worked well and the shelves made everything more practical. If I move to another house, I can buy other pieces of furniture and complement them”, he explains.

The white sink cost much less than the traditional ones — Ana Carolina chose a cheaper synthetic material. “I can’t have a huge white countertop today as I wanted, but I don’t need to have a sink in another color,” she laughs. On a wooden coat rack she hangs utensils, but note that they are all in the same shade of light wood, after all, they are part of the decor.

Ana Carolina in her apartment

Image: Personal Archive

Kitchen with pine shelf and coat racks - Personal Archive - Personal Archive

Kitchen with pine shelf and coat racks

Image: Personal Archive

“When I started to organize everything, I reused what I had and other things I bought little by little. It takes time, but today I feel at home. The kitchen was a hit on my Instagram and today I work exclusively creating content”, he says.

Kitchen cabinets - Personal Archive - Personal Archive

kitchen cabinets

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Other kitchen details - Personal Archive - Personal Archive

kitchen decor details

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finding your style

Living room decor - Personal Archive - Personal Archive

living room decor

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Acapulco chair in the TV room - Personal Archive - Personal Archive

Acapulco chair in the TV room

Image: Personal Archive

Ana is one of those who love to save references, but currently she does it with care. “Usually people look up to someone without knowing if it has anything to do with their own identity. I went along with that wave. I was very wrong to think that what works for others has the same effect on our reality.”

Over time, she discovered that exercising the decor brought maturity and helped to reveal her personality. “I realized that the way I chose the colors for my house had to do with my style of dressing, calmly, neutrally, without being too bold. Little by little, we created the courage to discover ourselves and show who we are in the house.”

Apartment Room - Personal Archive - Personal Archive

apartment room

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Room with decorative objects hanging on the wall - Disclosure - Disclosure

Room with decorative objects hanging on the wall

Image: Disclosure

Ana Carolina’s tips to reflect your personality in the house

  • Shelves: use without fear. “People are always worried about the dust on them. But it’s a cheap and beautiful solution, it adds value to the kitchen. You can’t put too much, you have to choose the pieces well and bet on what you use a lot and you’ll wash more.”
  • Green. “Plants always give life and decorate spending little. My room doesn’t have many items. Plants have their value there, they fill the space. It’s always a solution to compose. Invest in them”
  • Don’t get upset. “Wait and save, don’t buy everything at once. You save money and time to make something more definitive.”
  • Natural materials on the rise. “Our headboard is made from natural Indian straw. We hope to be able to buy the material, which is an investment. But it looks store-bought because of the finish.”

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