Nez Bistrô promotes unprecedented dinner at Laus Cozinha, in Serra Negra


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It is not today that gastronomy has been lived beyond the fork, knife and a beautiful plate of crockery. Experience is the word that increasingly defines the meaning of a good meal. And it is a beautiful experience that promises the meeting of two names of Pernambuco gastronomy: Nez Bistro (Recife) and Laus Cozinha, in Sierra Negra.

Mônica Tenório, from Nez Bistrô, is hosting the event in Serra

On the next day, August 6th, the two restaurants “meet” in a unique event at Serra Negra, in the municipality of Bezerros, in the Agreste region of the statewhere Laus is located, led by restauratrice Monica Tenóriofrom Nez, together with the duo Dany Oliveira and Tonico Machadoboth from the host house, and a menu signed by the experienced chef from Pernambuco Claudemir Barros. The oenological harmonization will be sanctioned by Rafaella Barros, sommeilière of the Zahil distributor.

LAUSTonico Machado and Dany Oliveira, from Laus Cozinha, join the Recife restaurant for a unique experience

The most important ingredient of the Nez/Laus event is the stunning view facing a mountainous mountain range, so the time of the experience was not defined by chance: from 4 pm to 10 pm, with the breathtaking sunset smearing over the diners.

Claudemir’s menu
The experience “Nez visits Laus” will be from 16:00 to 22:00. The “marriage” of the two houses will result in an unprecedented menu – which we did not find on the menu of either restaurant – prioritizing ingredients from the northeast, sourced in the region, fresh and in high season, developed with traditional techniques, a hallmark of the work of the chef. Dinner will be sold to only 50 people.

The start of the menu Claudemir starts with “Diverte Bocas”, composed of a mix of mocofava and sun tartarmost puffed tapioca and avocado and paprika mayonnaise. The choice of broth is explained by Barros: “The fava bean is an ingredient that is so ours and so present in fairs, which could not be missing. Many of these beans are planted by small producers in the region”.

Then, the starter is one of the chef’s most exquisite creations, the curd brûlée with coriander pesto and bread. Here, everyday cheese gains the spotlight as a delicacy never seen before here.

Then, two main dishes full of personality, colors and textures: fish of the day stuffed with shrimp in banana straw, accompanied by peanut farofa, pumpkin vatapá and coconut sauce; and pork confit, beetroot roti, country rice, broth with vegetables and herbs.

The first is a signature of the most recent phase of the cook’s career, while the dish with pig has a greater meaning. “Meat is part of our food culture, despite the fact that there is still a certain prejudice – today, in most cases, unjustified”.

The dessert that rounds off the very special night proposed by Nez Bistro and Laus restaurant. “cashew and chestnut” will explore the fruit completely. “There is nothing more Brazilian from the Northeast than cashew, so I bring it in several textures and versions: solid, liquid and gaseous”, provokes Claudemir.

About Nez Bistro
Opened in December 2007, the restaurant occupies a 17th century townhouse in Casa Forte Squarein the North Zone of Recife, listed as patrimony, where it worked as a slave quarters of the sugar mill belonging to Ana Paes, in the old campina de Strong house. Works by Romero Andrade Lima and Os Vacilantes, in addition to a beautiful collection of antique mirrors, set the tone for the hall’s decor in low light.

about Laus
More than a restaurant, the Laus is the way to share a very personal view of the Sierra Negrawhich began to take shape in 2003. After 15 years have passed, the gates have opened, not for a large enterprise, but for a small house.

There, the recipes are familiar, there are cats and the team is made up of neighbors and customers who become good friends. The landscape is breathtaking and, without a doubt, an extra spice, more than that: it’s the cat’s jump.

About Claudemir Barros
Garoto de Jordão Baixo, a suburb of Recife, chef Claudemir Barros has been on the gastronomy road for 29 years. He already has a book to call his own: Dreams and Flavors. Claudemir is passionate about the people and his cuisine reflects that. “He is an ingredient symbolist who makes his food an interaction that goes beyond taste, and is marked by his authorial vocation”, says Raul Lody, who signs the preface of the work.

About Zahil
Founded in 1986 by brothers Antoine Zahil and Serge Zehilthe importer started to dedicate itself exclusively to importing wines from 1999 onwards. It imports wine from 70 producers in 12 countries and is present in more than a thousand Brazilian restaurants.

“Nez visits the Laus”
When: August 6, 4pm to 10pm
Where: Laus restaurant – Estrada da Serra Nova, 100, Serra Negra – Bezerros
How much: BRL 230 per person
More information and reservations: 98129.1314
Instagram: Nez Bstro and Laus Kitchen

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