Misses from São Pedro da Aldeia are crowned in state contest


São Pedro da Aldeia was featured in the state contest “Beauty with Purpose”, which took place in the capital, bringing together more than 20 candidates from different parts of the state. In the adult category, villager Heloísa Lessa was unanimously elected Miss Rio de Janeiro, in addition to winning the title of Best Traditional Costume, in honor of the fishing culture. Sisters Toia and Rabechy Constantino were the winners in the Miss Baby and Miss Talent categories, respectively. The Municipality of São Pedro da Aldeia, through the Department of Culture, supports the Miss & Mister project, which is promoted by MM Eventos.

Recently, Misses Toia, Rabechy and Heloísa were received by Mayor Fábio do Pastel and by the Municipal Secretary of Culture, Thiago Marques, at the city hall. On the occasion, Fábio congratulated the misses for their achievement. “It’s a pride to see our young people shining out there. We just have to congratulate the Miss São Pedro da Aldeia project for revealing and boosting so many talents in our city”, highlighted the mayor.

The young women head to the Miss Brazil contest at the end of the year, under the guidance and supervision of businesswoman and cultural agent Tatiana Musse, who is also the curator of Miss “Beauty with Purpose”. “Today, we understand that beauty gains greater expression when associated with social awareness, representation and knowledge. This is the purpose of the contest, to make these young people wake up and reflect on their role in the world. The misses from São Pedro da Aldeia gave beautiful performances and, once again, stood out in their categories, bringing four tracks to the city,” she said.

Partnership with Culture

This year, the Miss & Mister São Pedro da Aldeia 2022 project will elect seven new female representatives and one male representative. The grand final of the municipal competition takes place on August 13th. About 40 candidates, including girls and boys from different neighborhoods of the city, participate in the training phase. Competitors receive classes in dance, catwalk, theater, body expression, makeup, heritage, fashion, cultural public policies and city history. To help with the development of the project, the Department of Culture is providing support with the assignment of the Municipal Arts School’s space for classes, which take place every Saturday from 10 am to 1 pm.

“Miss & Mister São Pedro da Aldeia is a project that has contributed a lot to moving the fashion and cultural production segment, opening doors for the young people of our city. It’s a very nice job that also involves families and restores youth’s self-esteem. We wish much success to the event and to the new misses who will be elected next month”, said the Secretary of Culture, Thiago Marques.

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