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Long Dress, short dress, shiny, with print or without print? if you will be godmother of wedding and you have a thousand questions in mind, don’t worry, Gshow will explain everything to you! We spoke with the fashion consultant Gabriela Ganem – who is quite used to this type of doubt – to know all the tips and best practices of the look Maid of honor.

If in the past, godmothers had a thousand rules about what to wear and what not to wear, the good news is that, now, people are more “free” to choose their looks and perform their duties with mastery.

“The rules are getting more and more flexible. The only thing that does not change is the desire of the bride and groom, which remains the maximum at these times. ‘Suitability’ is also an important word. Geography, climate, time, type of ceremony… There are many variables that need to be taken into account in the decision”, explains Gabriela.

Giovanna Lancellotti: look for maid of honor — Photo: reproduction Instagram

The first step: adequacy

Adequacy, then, can be the kicker when choosing the dress desired, as well as makeup and the accessories. to Gabriela, one of the current trends is also the appreciation of simplicity, Which doesn’t mean “unfunny”.

“Those tulle canvases, full of embroideries and gemstones, are a little left behind. Today, I notice much more an appreciation for plain models, in good fabrics and in interesting colors. Since the pandemic, we’ve become more flexible about traditions. What really matters is bringing your loved ones together and celebrating the moment.”

Mica Rocha: bridesmaid look — Photo: Instagram reproduction

With that in mind, let’s get to the tips!

  • If the bridesmaid does not have an indication of what to wear from the bride, first assess where the ceremony will be, location and time..

“It can also be good to get in touch with the other godmothers to coordinate a coherent proposal, at least to define a level of tidiness. That way, no one is too out of tune or too out of place”, suggests.

  • Be careful so as not to be overproduced or more flashy than the bride and groom themselves. After all, they are the protagonists of the occasion.
  • Printed dresses, for example, are excellent for nature weddings., whether in the countryside, on the beach or in other daytime celebrations. Already Glitters are best suited for nighttime events.
  • Necklines: yes or no?

“Back necklines tend to be less controversial than front ones,” explains Gabriela.

  • Finishing the look can be more relevant than the dress itself.

“Be careful with makeup, hair, accessories and shoes. There are many wild dresses that can be transformed with these resources. There is also a profusion of ‘multiform dresses’ on the market, which are models that you can configure in different ways and, , use multiple times”, teaches.

“It is also worth remembering the option of renting and also the second-hand stores. Thrift stores, online bazaars or resale sites are great sources for party looks with more competitive prices. This is a strong market trend, very democratic and sustainable”.

  • Too light colors are often controversial for dresses.

“Anything that can look too similar to the bride’s look in the photos is a potential strain. Black is often not recommended either.”

Giovanna Ewbank bet on accessories to give more prominence to the look — Photo: reproduction Instagram

Bridesmaids look: If you don’t have an indication of the bride, it’s worth combining with the other bridesmaids what to wear — Photo: Instagram reproduction

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