Land regularization is the theme of the meeting in Pirambu

The intersectoral activity took place this Wednesday (27/07), at the headquarters of the Se Liga na Rede project, in Barra do Ceará

The Municipal Housing Development Department of Fortaleza (Habitafor) was invited, through its Land Regularization Coordination (Coref), to a meeting with social mobilizers of the Se Liga na Rede Project developed by the Municipal Department of Urbanism and Environment (Seuma) . The intersectoral activity took place this Wednesday (27/07), at the project’s headquarters in Barra do Ceará (Regional 1).

The idea of ​​the initiative was to socialize information about the securitization process and the importance of the house’s role. “The agreement between the Ministry of Regional Development and the City Hall provides for multiple interventions, including urbanization, housing improvement and land tenure regularization. In view of this, our speech was to show that this link exists and that where these interventions occur, the residences must be regularized, with conditions of habitability and legal security”, explained the lawyer, Andressa Celedônio.

Among the main doubts, the mobilizers asked who can have access to the program and what stage is the land regularization actions. The lawyer explained that the securitization processes take place through projects that cover a community and, in the case of the greater Pirambu area, the actions have a partnership with the Union Heritage Superintendence (SPU). In the current administration, more than 1,000 families have already been benefited and another 15,000 are in the process of regularization.

The Urban Land Regularization of Social Interest (Reurb-S) consists of the securitization of urban spaces predominantly occupied by low-income families, as provided in Federal Law No. 13.465/2017. The main purpose of the securitization is to include informal urban centers in the territorial planning and the consequent granting of the role of the house to its occupants.

For the mobilizer Thalita Viana, the meeting was essential for the day-to-day activities in the area. “The Se Liga na Rede Project is well articulated with all public policies in the Municipality and the moment was important, mainly for directing our beneficiaries”, said the social worker.


The Se Liga na Rede project was launched in June 2021 and its main objective is to make the population aware of the importance of connecting houses to the sanitation network and thus preventing sewage from ending up in the sea. Among the benefits of this action, there is the improvement in the bathing capacity of the waterfront located in the west region of the City. According to Seuma, more than 1,800 residents accepted the initiative and 1,000 families have already benefited from the project that forms the Fortaleza Sustainable City Program, which is funded by the World Bank (Bird).

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