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After the emergence of the coronavirus and its serious proliferation around the world, health care was increasingly accentuated in the social environment. With medical evidence that covid-19 manifested itself in a milder way in those who had a strong defense system, the general population began to look for ways to increase immunity and take better care of their own health.

Thus, in order to get healthier and avoid severe problems with the virus that still plagues the world, many people have sought in a balanced diet a way to increase immunity and protect their own health. In a search disclosed by the consultancy RG Nutri, of 1000 Brazilians interviewed at the end of 2020, 78% said they started to pay more attention to healthy eating.

Of course, taking care of food is very important. It, combined with an intake of 2 liters of water a day and a regular practice of physical exercise, can save lives, especially in the current world context. Consuming the right foods brings to the body a variety of nutrients that are necessary for its proper functioning, as well as helping to fight diseases and other problems. It is also worth mentioning that a balanced diet guarantees more than just physical benefits, but also mental benefits, as it guarantees a greater quality of life and well-being.

However, although the desire to lead a healthier life through food is real, many people cannot give up fast food and really dedicate themselves to this new habit. Unlike preparing a balanced meal that dispenses with the exaggerated use of oils and other types of fats and sugars, they go in the opposite direction: they prefer frequent consumption of snacks and other quick meals that only harm health.

This is because, in moments of rush and fatigue, people do not want to go to the stove and prepare a meal from start to finish. Far from it, they choose the most practical option, which is usually to call an establishment or even eat something ready or easy to prepare, such as cookies and instant noodles. Undoubtedly, something that influences a lot in these situations is the fast routine that the 21st century requires. By always living with many tasks, people dedicate their time to more critical things and, thus, despise the importance of good nutrition.

However, something that is still unknown to many people is that the speed and rapid reproduction of the 21st century has also extended to the healthy area of ​​gastronomy. To facilitate the change in eating habits, in addition to the weekly planning of the foods to be consumed and the pre-manufacturing of each dish, nowadays technologies are a great tool. By means of frying pans that do not require the use of oil and other utensils that reduce preparation time and also make food healthier, it is increasingly easier to have more balanced meals.

As a result of this search for more ease, this type of utensil has spread all over the world and thus, the gastronomic market has different models of products. Therefore, choosing the ideal utensil for each need is difficult. With different prices and intended for different audiences, kitchen utensils, although they aim to make the kitchen a more practical environment, when chosen the wrong way, can generate more problems for the cook.

Thus, with the aim of making the kitchen more accessible to all Brazilians and helping to prepare healthier foods, the Cozinha Blog website was created. Through the dedicated and thorough work of experts, the site offers a wide range of kitchenware reviews. From pan reviews to electric fryers, the Kitchen Blog helps thousands of users to choose the ideal tool for a more practical and simplified kitchen.

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