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The kitchen is a place of great circulation and meeting of people. Therefore, this environment needs to be practical and functional – but it can also bring the resident’s identity through decoration. For this, the curtains are a key part of the composition: in addition to giving a special touch to the environment, they are essential to provide comfort. The favorites are the blinds models, but the fabric ones also have their charm without losing practicality.

Below, you can see a selection of eight projects that innovate by bringing different styles of curtain for kitchens. Take a look!

1. Curtain of dark tones

Kitchen designed by architect Carina Beduschi (Photo: Disclosure/Mariana Boro)

This project opted for a solar screen blind model curtain. The choice was made to control the entry of light and heat into the environment, as well as contributing to practicality at the time of cleaning. “The color black was used to match the appliances and some points of the same color in the composition of the kitchen”, completes the architect Carina Beduschi.

2. Curtain in woody tones

 Kitchen curtains: 8 ideas to innovate in decoration (Photo: Disclosure/Rafael Renzo)

Project by architect Beatriz Quinelato (Photo: Publicity/Rafael Renzo)

To finish the modern environment of the kitchen above, designed by the architect Beatriz Quinelato, the choice was to use a blind in a woody shade, but made of synthetic material. The tone warms the environment and the model is able to protect from the incidence of light – even the curtain fins are regular, making it possible for the resident to adjust to achieve the ideal passage of light.

3. Curtain of light tones

 Kitchen curtains: 8 ideas to innovate in decoration (Photo: Disclosure/Fran Parente)

Très Arquitetura Office Project (Photo: Publicity/Fran Parente)

The Très Arquitetura project had the challenge of optimizing the small space in the kitchen of this apartment. For the rectangular shape of the room, the plan was to bring a curtain that would help make the place brighter and clean: a white aluminum horizontal blind. It completes the woodwork of the environment, consisting of a leaked overhead cabinet, used both for decoration and for storage.

4. Curtain for integrated environment

 Kitchen curtains: 8 ideas to innovate in decoration (Photo: Disclosure/Xavier Neto)

Kitchen designed by Paiva and Passarani Office (Photo: Publicity/Xavier Neto)

Here, the idea was to build a kitchen integrated into the dining room. To protect the environment from light and bring warmth, the Paiva e Passarani office opted for a light gray fabric curtain, ensuring comfort without compromising the privileged view of the outdoor area. In addition, the curtain promotes the continuity of the integrated environment, giving the room uniqueness. As a final touch, a lining has been added to completely block out light.

5. Horizontal blinds

 Kitchen curtains: 8 ideas to innovate in decoration (Photo: Disclosure/Luis Gomes)

Environment created by the architect Pati Cillo (Photo: Disclosure/Luis Gomes)

To compose this kitchen with a vibrant blue tone, designed by the architect Pati Cillo, the strategy was to opt for a simpler curtain. The horizontal model blind is made of synthetic material, which better withstands kitchen activities, and has no tape between the louvers. In addition to practicality, this curtain can control the entry of light into the environment.

6. Wooden blinds

 Kitchen curtains: 8 ideas to innovate in decoration (Photo: Disclosure/Marco Antonio)

Kitchen designed by architect Barbara Dundes (Photo: Disclosure/Marco Antonio)

This kitchen consists of countertops, walls, appliances and furniture in neutral colors. To give contrast, enrich and bring color to the environment, the move was to choose a wooden blind. The material allows the entry of breeze while preventing the passage of light. Also, the project made by the architect Barbara Dundes preserves the residents’ view of the pool area.

7. Solar screen

 Kitchen curtains: 8 ideas to innovate in decoration (Photo: Disclosure/Rafael Renzo)

Project made by the architect Helô Marques (Photo: Disclosure/Rafael Renzo)

The kitchen window of this apartment has a beautiful view of the sunset, which enhances the pastel tones of the place. However, as there is no other building next door, the environment receives all the heat and light of the afternoon. To soften the temperature and protect the furniture without darkening the environment, the project opted for a solar screen blind. “It is also easy to wash”, completes Helô Marques, the architect responsible for the creation.

8. Fabric curtain

 Kitchen curtains: 8 ideas to innovate in decoration (Photo: Disclosure/Denilson Machado)

Environment created by architect Nildo José (Photo: Publicity/Denilson Machado)

The idea of ​​architect Nildo José was to transport the light carioca environment with industrial touches to São Paulo. That’s why he brought a gray and black micro-texture composition. How the kitchen is integrated into the living, the wooden floor and linen gauze curtain extends into both rooms and completes the entire room. Another care present in the project is the inclusion of a hood in the kitchen, which has the objective of sucking the smoke from the cooking of food.

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