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(credit: João Miguel Júnior/Globo)

You may never have watched the original version or followed the remake of Pantanal, the current 9 pm soap on Globo, but it’s almost impossible that you haven’t heard about the jaguar girl or the “river old man”, a character who turns into an anaconda. .

the version of Bruno Luperigrandson of the original author of Pantanal, Benedito Ruy Barbosa, brings some news, such as discussions about homophobia, feminism and even the fires in the Brazilian biome. Whether due to the changes or the resounding success of the original plot, the feuilleton won the hearts of viewers of all ages.

While the generations that followed the soap opera in the 1980s and 1990s enjoy the nostalgia atmosphere and compare scenes, the younger ones spend their nights connected to television and social networks, commenting on each chapter. Since its debut, the serial has been mentioned over a million times on Twitter. Data collected by the platform show that this content has already been viewed more than 329 million times, with 8.7 million likes, in addition to 618 thousand retweets and 166 thousand comments.

On Google, searches for “soap opera Pantanal” increased by more than 500%. On Spotify, the song Chalana, by Roberta Miranda, had an increase of more than 800% in reproductions. And the influence of the feuilleton is not restricted to entertainment. In beauty salons, Guta’s haircut and Juma’s wild waves are among the darlings.

The Magazine also entered the Pantanal fever and our Fashion and Home sections were invaded by the colors, prints and textures of the Pantanal.

  • Dress, by TIG (price on request)

  • Urban straight denim shorts by LDnim (R$398)

  • Handred silk boxer short (price on request)

  • Short Vinco, in raw linen, by Handred (price on request)

  • Viscose blouse with jaguar embroidery, by Ashua Curve & Plus Size (R$ 99.90)

  • Western narrow belt with two buckles, from Ashua Curve & Plus Size (R$ 99.90)

  • Printed Skirt, by YouCom (R$ 159.90)

  • Long dress in moss green, by Dolps (price on request)

  • Orange pants, by Dona Santa (R$ 752)
    Dona Santa/Disclosure

  • Crop top and pants set, from the Expedition Collection, by Open (price on request)

  • YouCom leopard belt (R$ 49.90)

  • Another Room short pajamas (R$348)
    Another Room/Disclosure

  • Ellaware ATM Regatta (BRL 380)

  • Mushrooms T-shirt, by Havaianas (R$ 84.99)

  • Classic shape boyfriend shirt, by Havaianas (R$ 229.99)

  • Moroni Straight Shorts, by John John (R$ 268)
    John John/Disclosure

  • Jaguar sweatshirt, by Dolce & Gabbana (R$ 4,650)
    Dolce & Gabbana/Disclosure

  • Hot Pants in Quilt, by Dolce & Gabbana (R$ 4,320)
    Dolce & Gabbana/Disclosure

Oncinha, Juma and Maria

Juma and Maria Marruá, in a scene from the soap opera
Juma and Maria Marruá, in a scene from the soap opera
(photo: João Miguel Jr/Globo)

And how about we start by talking about the most obvious: the leopard print? One of the most iconic symbols of the Pantanal is the jaguar. The characters Juma and Maria Marruá transform into the animal when they have “reiva”. The animal print is a timeless trend and is always present in some fashion collections, but the leopard has become even more sought after.

For the most daring, dresses, jumpsuits and pants in the print can transform any look, suggests fashion consultant Suelen Arrigo. But the specialist does not forget the most discreet. “A t-shirt, scarf, scarf or bag are some of the ways to make the look more interesting.”

And despite the jaguar being one of the great protagonists, as well as her print, Suelen draws attention to the snake prints, which have everything to do with the soap opera and its mystical character, the old man from the river.

urban wetland

The characters who came from the city to Zé Leôncio’s farm bring their urban influences mixed with the rustic atmosphere of the Pantanal. Jove, Guta and Irma bring different styles and stand out.

Initially, Joventino’s looks were restricted to jeans and a t-shirt, typical of a more relaxed young man. Over time, the basic production gained hats, boots and belts with buckles – details that can be included by those who want to embody the modern cowboy vibe.

The tank top, the jeans are the character's trademarks
The tank top, the jeans are the character’s trademarks
(photo: Photos: Globo/Reproduction)

Called Guta regatinha on social networks, the character is almost always wearing sleeveless shirts with wide side necklines, which show bikinis and tops. Jean shorts and ankle boots complete the look.

Suelen defines Guta’s style as sensual and laid-back. It’s easy to copy the look of the modern, authentic woman with what’s in your wardrobe. The cutout of the t-shirts has a do-it-yourself feel and, with a pair of scissors, it is possible to transform a father, brother or boyfriend t-shirt. Sunglasses, bracelets, earrings and silver bangles are the icing on the cake.

sophisticated rustic

The character Irma shows that it is not impossible to maintain an elegant appearance even when we are on a farm in the heart of the Pantanal. Ample shirts and pants, worn with a defined and well-adjusted waist in light fabrics, are the character’s trademark.

Short and low boots make the production more casual and appropriate. Fabrics such as raw linen, twill and viscose blend with the comfortable cotton of Filó’s dresses. The colors are neutral, even the oranges and greens come in softer, faded tones.

Camila Morgado's Irma maintains the elegance of the farm
Camila Morgado’s Irma maintains the elegance of the farm
(photo: Globo/João Miguel Júnior)

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