Isabelle Nassar comments on strong scenes in ‘Good morning, Veronica’

Isabelle Nassar as Olga in ‘Good Morning. Veronica’ (Photo: Publicity)

In the second season of “Good Morning, Veronica”, which premieres this week on Netflix, Isabelle Nassar lives Olga. The character is one of the pillars of the organization led by Matias. The charismatic religious leader Reynaldo Gianecchini actually abuses women and is behind several crimes. The actress analyzes the plot and talks about the creation process:

– Olga is a woman who works in the organization and has this blind faith in the leader. So, she ends up taking all the blame for the crimes herself. In the series, she doesn’t even have the opportunity to tell her version of the story. We find out from the words of a man. This made a lot of sense to me because that’s what happens to women in society. The character is silenced and alienated by machismo, by patriarchy, by spiritual leaders that are so dangerous. We have had, in this last decade, so many figures in all spiritual segments who have done this so assiduously with women that they have ended up going completely blind, not understanding what is happening. I saw all the documentaries on this subject, I tried to understand what drives women to do what they do, to have a humanized look at them. I thought: “How am I going to create this figure who doesn’t speak much, but who is so incisive in the work?”. I spent days rehearsing and I asked myself: “If Olga were here, what would she do?”.

She, who started her career as a model, tells what was the strongest sequence she recorded:

– Certainly, the scene where Olga is with Matias directing girls in a photo shoot. I was a model at the time when fashion was very sexist. There was still that idea of ​​a model being a prostitute. This is being deconstructed over time, and the internet is helping a lot. So, directing those women towards this leader, towards this male chauvinist, was very important. I left there tired because it is very impactful to do this, to bring the woman to this place of sexuality, as if she were a product. Difficult. Giane helped me a lot. (the scene) gave me several triggers from the past as a model, (I remembered) everything I went through in the job market with hypersexualization and objectification. It was very dense.

This is Isabelle’s first audiovisual role. Before, she was on stage in “Grande Sertão: Veredas”, by Bia Lessa:

– Since I was very young, I have been interested in humans. I’m in love with people, I’ve always liked to spend hours listening to stories. I drew, wrote and acted at a very young age. And I started dancing early. I went to contemporary dance. Then I found acting and understood what I could be. My first experience was with street theater. It was as if the world had opened in my eyes. I said: “Wow, all my interest in the human converges there, in acting”.

Raised in the interior of Minas Gerais, Isabelle saw in fashion an opportunity to reach the dreamed space as an actress:

– I felt I needed to get out of there to meet new cultures, new languages, new languages. Then came the chance to start working with a model for a while, which was something that had never crossed my mind. I remember my first trip was to China. I spent hours watching people in the squares, on the subways… In all the countries I visited, I kept looking at museums and trying to understand how it had arrived there so long before us. Everything I experienced in my modeling career served as input. When I returned to Brazil, I realized that I needed to pursue an acting career. And that’s when I started studying for the Escola de Teatro Martins Penna and got a bachelor’s degree in dramatic arts.

Isabelle Nassar (Photo: Disclosure)Isabelle Nassar (Photo: Disclosure)
Behind the scenes of 'Good morning, Veronica' (Photo: Disclosure)Behind the scenes of ‘Good morning, Veronica’ (Photo: Disclosure)


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