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There are times in our lives when we feel a need to renovate the house. Or because it is very old and needs to be renovated to ensure greater thermal comfort and acoustic. Or simply because we need to adapt it to our Lifestyle. If you’re willing to change life, know that it is possible to renovate your home with little money or even no cost. Take note of these 7 tips and find out how you can renovate the house without spending too much.

7 ideas to renovate the house without spending a lot of money

For renovate the house cheaply you can use objects once kept and now forgotten, pallets, paints for furniture and walls i«or plasterboard. With small manual work you can completely transform any room in your home, from the kitchen to the bedroom. we leave you 7 affordable home remodeling ideas.

1. Renovate the house with recycled materials


The storage rooms and drawers at home are inexhaustible sources of stored and forgotten objects that can be given a new lease of life. One wooden ladderfor example, can help renovate your house at no cost. It can serve, for example, as a recycled chair, which can be placed both in the living room and in the kitchen.

2. Renovate the house with pallets

Renovate the house with little money


At pallets are ideal solutions for renovate your house. You can order used pallets in stores or warehouses and using the “Do It Yourself” – Do It Yourself (DIY) manual work – you can use the pallets to make the bed or headboard structure. After sanding the wood well, you can paint the structure with your favorite color or you can also choose to leave the pallet in your natural tone to give it a more rustic look.

3. Renovate the house starting with the kitchen

Decorating the house cheaply

Il portale dell’imbianchino

Take a new life at home does not necessarily mean intervening in all divisions. You can dose the investment starting with renovate spaces most used on a daily basis. To renovate the house cheaply, you can, for example, use chalkboard ink on the kitchen wall, giving it an entirely new and modern look.

4. Renovate a 70’s house? start with the floor

How to renovate the house

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the floor of black marble is an element that you can find buy a 70’s house. This is an expensive mosaic to dismantle and seemingly unattractive to maintain. So what to do for renovate the house without spending a lot? It will be enough to sand the floor. This work will be carried out by a professional, but it is usually not expensive. Then you will see that the floor will be brighter and perfect to match a vintage furniture.

5. Refurbish grandparents’ furniture without spending too much

Inexpensive ways to renovate the house

light paint

The furniture inherited from your grandmother’s house They bring a lot of history and usually have excellent quality wood, which will only need a painting to tell a new story. Sanding the wood and painting it is all it takes to renew these furniture and give it a new lease of life.

6. Plasterboard to renovate the house with little money

Renovate your home without spending too much

Cartongesso Rome

Drywall (plasterboard) is a material much used in civil construction, which allows reform the House with little money. Quick to install, it can be used in a bedroom to give the headboard a whole new look, especially combined with warm spotlights.

7. Renovate the house with wallpaper

Cheap home renovations


O wallpaper is the secret to renovate the house without making a lot of money: they are available at low prices, in different sizes and colors and are designed to cover old walls and even floors.

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