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Altar Mini is located in the largest private reserve in the Atlantic Forest in the country

Just two hours from the capital of São Paulo we find the “Altar Mini”, a contemporary cabin, installed in a clearing overlooking the Juquiá River and made of wood. The new accommodation option at Legado das Águas, the largest private reserve in the Atlantic Forest in the country, located in Vale do Ribeira, in the interior of São Paulo, is the result of a partnership between Legado das Águas and Altar, a company specialized in creating accommodation in self-sufficient homes in nature destinations.

The mini house provides the experience of refuge in nature and is the second accommodation unit of Legado in partnership with Altar, a company created in 2019. The first, recently implemented, is a floating house, installed in the middle of a dam on the Juquiá River , within the Reserve area.

Legado das Águas is the largest private Atlantic Forest reserve in Brazil. An area of ​​31 thousand hectares divided between the municipalities of Juquiá, Miracatu and Tapiraí, in the Ribeira Valley, in the interior of the state of São Paulo, which combines forest protection and the development of scientific research with activities of the new economy, such as the production of native plants and ecotourism.

“It is a challenge to build houses in places as preserved as Legado das Águas. At the same time, it is uncomfortable for many people to sleep in tents. incredible beauty of this place”, explains the architect and urban planner Pedro Lira, one of Altar’s partners and co-responsible for the house’s project.

Legado das Águas, managed by Reservas Votorantim, shaped the development of a business model that is part of the answer on how to include the responsible use of territories in the economic issues of the ESG platform. The “Altar Mini”, as well as the “Floating House”, are the newest options for staying at the Reserve, which also has a Pousada.

“Mini will be in a reserved corner immersed in the Atlantic Forest. It has a compact scale, and a large window, so that nature becomes its showcase”, comments Pedro Lira.

Discover Altar Mini

Altar Mini is made of wood, provides comfort and has a huge window that allows you to view the surrounding nature.

Altar Mini is made of wood, provides comfort and has a huge window that allows you to view the surrounding nature.

The Mini can accommodate up to a couple with a child and was built in an engineered woodframe structure, a technique widely used in the United States and Europe, and has thermal insulation. The facade and interior are made of wood. Its total area is 22 m² built, of which approximately 20 m² are useful, divided between a unique living-sleeping environment and a large bathroom, which has a sustainable sewage system.

Its design is very clean and the large window, facing the forest, stands out. Inside the house, the guest finds a comfortable and equipped environment in a king size bed, with a mattress by Zissou, sheets by Trousseau, and a sofa bed. The kitchen has a large counter and a two-burner stove, as well as a microwave and fridge. The house is supplied with water that comes directly from a nearby spring.

The engineering and woodframing projects are by PJR Construções, and the execution by the company Oceanis: “The Mini is special, not only because it is immersed in the forest, but also because it is on wheels, facilitating its transport and installation, not requiring construction work. on site. The house was designed so much to be off grid [um sistema isolado, sem conexão] how to connect to water, sewage and electricity networks, depending on the place of installation”, says Lira.


Reservations can be made through the Airbnb platform

Reservations can be made through the Airbnb platform

Lodging reservations are managed by Altar and are available through Airbnb platform
and through Altar’s social networks. During their stay, guests also have different and exclusive itineraries, developed by Legado das Águas, which include various activities, such as waterfall baths, bike rides, kayaking and trails. Daily rates are around R$ 800 and vary depending on the chosen date.

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