Growing interest in men dressing like women

Growing interest in men dressing like women

BOLD The entrepreneur Enzo Celulari is not afraid to abuse the flashy colors

POSTURE Singer Olly Alexander took the jump to the red carpet (Credit: Tristan Fewings)

What if finally everyone dressed as they wanted? In a world where gender norms are still deeply rooted in society, actors, singers and influencers help normalize perceived feminine items in their wardrobes. That’s why ruffles, sparkles, transparencies, bags and even shoes with heels and skirts are increasingly present on social media, on catwalks and on red carpets around the world. With the popularity of the trend, the streets and department stores have never been more plural than they are now. To see the change, just go to the nearest social network. Enzo Celulari, businessman son of Cláudia Raia and Edson Celulari, is a heartthrob of his generation and, at 25, abuses flashy colors, paints his nails and his sexuality is not an issue because of these decisions.

HEIR Lucas Jagger likes bags and accessories
designer (Credit: Daniele Venturelli)

So does another heir, the son of Mick Jagger and Luciana Gimenez, influencer Lucas Jagger. The boy, who has already been mocked for his style choices in the past, ended up inheriting from his father the provocative tone to answer this type of question and, at 23, became a fashion icon. His look in the audience of European menswear shows won the pages of magazines. Elegant, he carries a designer bag wherever he goes, always showing details of his personality in colorful accessories, such as bracelets, glasses and shoes.

Actor Jesuíta Barbosa, on the air in Pantanal, even if he wears ripped jeans and a t-shirt, suggests that with him the genre of his clothing is difficult to determine, since there is always a detail to remove the banality of the scene. If the likelihood of being bullied or canceled over a high-heeled shoe is now slim, defying social norms is nothing new. Gender-fluid fashion has been around for thousands of years, and many things considered “girl” were worn by “boys” in other times, such as heels, popularized by French kings, and outlined makeup worn by men in ancient Egypt.

ruffle Harry Styles: transparencies and stage nails (Credit: Theo Wargo)

Hollywood heartthrob

In music, David Bowie, Grace Jones and Freddy Mercury are just a few of the artists who launched global trends that are still widely discussed today. British singer Harry Styles brings a continuation of this trendy trajectory in the musical environment. And, as boldness is not restricted to young people, one of the most talked about looks of the month was Brad Pitt’s choice to wear a skirt to the premiere of his newest film. The photo of the star on the red carpet circulated the world, but this is not the first time that one of the men considered one of the most beautiful on the planet, has had this attitude. In 1999, to promote “Fight Club”, a feature that essentially investigates the dangers of masculinity and the obsession with achieving alpha male status, Pitt graced the cover of Rolling Stone magazine wearing a skintight micro dress.

For stylist Theo Alexandre, responsible for Thear Vestuário, this fashion behavior is, in fact, a way of questioning toxic masculinity. “What is male and what is female? This question seems dated. We are living through this period of naturalization and this new generation has brought that a lot”, he explains. For Alexandre, even in more discreet situations it is possible to see men wearing thin fabrics, such as viscose, combined with pink, a color that was rarely used until recently.

SEX SYMBOL Brad Pitt Questions the Limits of Masculinity in Hollywood (Credit: Ben Kriemann)

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