Fashion course develops sustainable production of dolls to donate to children in orphanages


First puppets made

Seeking to encourage environmental and social sustainability in fashion, the UFPI Fashion, Design and Styling bachelor’s degree started the Art, Sustainability and Solidarity in Fashion Graduation: Bonecos do Bem project. One of the objectives of the initiative is the production and donation of dolls and cloth animals from textile waste, which would be discarded for common collection. The goal is to make 500 pieces, cloth dolls for girls and cloth animals for boys.

Project coordinators, prof. Nilce Vasques Serejo and prof. Simone Ferreira de Albuquerque

The creator of the project, prof. Simone Ferreira de Albuquerque, said that the idea came about when a factory came to her with the proposal to reuse the fabrics that would become waste. “The businesswoman came to me and as I had already worked on making clothing in sustainability in production processes in my doctorate, I accepted her idea and we created this project”, she explains.

Puppet production time

For the coordinator of the Fashion course, prof. Nilce Vasques, the project, in addition to inserting the UFPI student in the social factor, also works on the issue of entrepreneurship and “doing it here”, one working with the other. “Working on the condition of the group, social and environmental issues, learning to use the sewing machine and activating the entrepreneurial side are points that benefit students”, she highlights.

Students of the first period working in the manufacture of products

The initiative has a total of 30 participants, including students from the UFPI Fashion course of various periods, students from other institutions and people from the community. The sixth period student, Rebeca Chagas, believes that they will reach the goal of 500 dolls and comments on the importance of the project in the development of the students. “It helps to improve our sewing skills and the possibility of showing how the fashion course can participate in doing good for society, especially in the matter of giving another useful life to the elements.”

UFPI student, Rebeca Chagas

Participants meet every Friday afternoon, at the Fashion course building, on the Teresina Campus. The seamstress, Francisca Sena, is part of the community’s volunteers and says that she travels from Timon to Teresina to participate in the meetings. “Participating in this project is gratifying and is a great novelty for me, even with the difficulties of commuting, participating in the making of these dolls is very worthwhile”, she concludes.

Volunteer Francisca Sena

The cloth dolls will be intended for children who live in orphanages and childcare associations. Delivery will take place when the productions of the dolls are completed, scheduled for the end of the period 2022.1.

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