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Having a style that suits you is not something exclusive to celebrities and digital influencers, no. Fashion is a form of expression and we can all use it to tell the world who we are and to show ourselves special.

In the podcast ‘Pega Essa Ref’, Kaique Brito talk about this topic with the fashion blogger Ju Romano and the model akeen. Guests take the opportunity to leave some good tips for those who want to discover and build their own style. 🧶🧵

On the podcast ‘Pega Essa Ref’, Kaique Brito talks with Ju Romano and Akeen about fashion and the search for his own style — Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

🚫 Break the rules of fashion

like a blogger plus size, Ju says that he is against the rules of fashion and finds them outdated: “They are super based on fatphobia. They only serve to limit us and put us in boxes. We cannot develop our personality 100%!”. Be ready, then, to break them down and try new things without fear.

🤓 Self-knowledge is everything

But… what new things to start with? Akeen talks a lot about bringing a little bit of how you’re feeling into your clothes. In addition to moodanother important point is to put your personality in the look.

For Ju, “the more self-knowledge you have, knowing what music you like to listen to, discovering what gives you pleasure in reading and watching, the more you understand and know yourself, you can put, in your style of dressing, small or small. many elements”.

Kaique Brito commands the podcast ‘Pega Essa Ref’ — Photo: Disclosure

When we know what we like and know each other very well, we can also find good references. Akeen says he has been an inspiration to the younger ones: “I have younger friends who come to me for advice, come to me for tips. I wanted it to have a reference in my time”.

“I looked and didn’t see anyone, I didn’t see bodies like mine, I didn’t see people who looked like me in the media”, he recalls. So, in times of the internet, take the opportunity to be inspired by people you identify with, both in tastes and body type.

👗 Be ready for new old trends

Have you ever heard that ‘fashion is cyclical’? It is true! What used to be tacky can now become a trend, and vice versa. of the fanny packs and shoulder bags to the bucket hatsfrom straight, wide-legged pants to jackets with shoulder pads, perfect for oversizedthe important thing is to find ‘vintage pieces’ that make you feel good.

After all, the old can indeed be new, exemplifies Ju when talking about the return of the moccasin: “The return of this shoe comes from our current moment of comfort and breaking this binary stigma of ‘it’s a man thing, it’s a woman thing’. It may have a retro feel, but it’s extremely current.”

Speaking of shoes that are making the rounds…

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🧐 Fashion is information

Speaking of breaking binary stigma and fashion rules, Akeen talks about the importance of seeking information to break preconceptions: “When you understand the thing, when you feel informed about it, you open up your fan”.

Pink for girls and blue for boys? Are skirts only women’s clothing? Forget it! Time has passed and it’s time to open your head. Find what works for you and respect the other person’s style. Take advantage of the internet to seek more and more learning. Let’s democratize fashion!

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