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Vinícius Freitas had a routine until the 2021 Tokyo Olympics. From then on, the beach volleyball athlete’s life changed completely. And it wasn’t exactly because of any conquest, after all, Vinicius was a member of the training team for the duos Alisson/Álvaro and Bruno Schmitd/Evandro. What changed the life of the 27-year-old from Espírito Santo was a comment by Anitta, who praised the athlete’s beauty.

Vinicius and Anitta meet in person after contact on social networks — Photo: Reproduction / Social Networks

On social media, the singer joked with a fan: “I love beach volleyball, girl”, after seeing a photo of Vinícius. Since then, the capixaba comments that his life was never the same.

Vinícius Freitas meets Anitta in person after an episode during the Tokyo Olympics

– In the initial moment, what changed was the visibility that it brought. Gave one boom in my image – said about the immediate repercussion and that he didn’t just restrict it to comments on the internet, but that he actually met the singer.

Vinícius Freitas comes from good results in the beach volleyball season alongside Guto — Photo: Reproduction / Social Networks

– We spoke when I was still in Tokyo, we chatted by message on Instagram, just something superficial. Later, the other year, she did a show in my state – Espírito Santo – and I sent a message, saying I wanted to meet her in person – he explained and even added:

– She was very nice, spoke clearly and asked for a contact to make this meeting happen. She was wonderful. We talked a lot, she introduced me to all the people who were with her. From there we became friends on social media. Turns and moves there is an interaction, but in friendship, without any interest on either side.

With the singer’s global reach, Vinicius was also gaining prominence off the court. Her beauty caught the attention of some companies and ended up working as a model. Without giving up his career as an athlete, he remains in the training routine along with new commitments and does not hide that it has been difficult to reconcile activities.

– When opportunities arise, I have to travel from Rio de Janeiro to the city where I work. Most take place in São Paulo. On a daily basis, I had to increase some care with my aesthetic side, which was something I didn’t have and today, for example, I follow up with a dermatologist.

Vinícius Freitas acting as a model — Photo: Reproduction/Social Networks

One of these jobs was to parade at São Paulo Fashion Week 2022, the biggest fashion event in Brazil and one of the most important in Latin America. He says that it has been a two-way street, in which one activity has helped to develop in the other.

– It’s still a challenge to reconcile these two professions, but I believe I’m managing to cope well and it’s been very good for me. One thing complements the other. My experience on the court helps me a lot in my work as a model. And my experience in front of the cameras, on the catwalk has also helped me in the competition.

Vinicius Freitas paraded in the last edition of São Paulo Fashion Week — Photo: Reproduction/Redes Sociais

Despite the happiness and learning of an athlete and a model, the two occupations also reveal the Brazilian reality, in which few athletes achieve financial tranquility.

– Living from sport here in Brazil is not easy, few people can. Although I have a very solid career in beach volleyball, my profession as a model certainly helps a lot with the financial issue and I discovered that it has helped a lot in my maturation.

Even with all this, Vinícius also has time to continue his studies. He is currently studying Physical Education and studied law, but did not complete it.

Brazilian Beach Volleyball Championship

This weekend, Vinícius will compete in the Campo Grande stage of the Brazilian Beach Volleyball Circuit alongside Guto. The duo is in 18th place in the ranking of the season with 3360, a great performance for a very recent partnership that has shown evolution. Together, they competed in three stages: a 5th, 4th and 3rd place in the most recent dispute in Vila Velha.

The semifinals and finals of the Campo Grande stage will be broadcast live from sportv2

– Gutinho and I are in a crescent. We are doing a good job together, I really enjoy playing with him. The objective is always to get on the podium, aiming for the highest place and we are going with everything for this stage now to get that gold medal.

Vinicius alongside his duo, Guto, on the podium at the Vila Velha stage of the Brazilian Beach Volleyball Circuit 2022 — Photo: Reproduction/Social Networks

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If the change in life began precisely at the Tokyo Olympics, for the future, Vinicius does not hide his desire to compete in the competition, only now in Paris 2024.

– I have a goal to play an Olympics one day. I knew this opportunity (going to Tokyo to help with doubles training) would add a lot to me. Being there I saw that it was even more important than I thought. I certainly managed to add a lot in my luggage to go in search of this vacancy – concluded the athlete.

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