Baby names: fashion trends in 2022


Matteo, Dominic and Apollo are some of the options that have been rapidly rising in the ranking of favorite names

The trend of short, international names with personalized spellings remains high in the preference of Brazilian mothers and fathers in 2022, according to a survey carried out by the website BabyCenter. In addition, the passion for names like Gael and Lucca for boys and Liz and Sophia for girls only grows in Brazil.

In the bandwagon of different letters and sounds, names starting with Z such as Zyan, Zion, Zaya and Zoe stand out in BabyCenter’s ranking, as well as names with Y in the spelling, such as Anthony, Henry, Ayla and Yasmin.

In the case of Zayn and Emily, the popularity is also due to being names linked to a celebrity or a successful show – as is the case of British singer-songwriter Zayn Malik and “Emily in Paris”, a Netflix series starring American actress Lily Collins.

The same goes for the names Matteo, Dominic and Apollo, which have been rapidly climbing the list of BabyCenter’s favorite names and are supported by the success of fictional actors or characters.

Diana grows back in Brazil

Driven by numerous pop culture content involving Princess Diana, such as the acclaimed series “The Crown” (Netflix) and the movie “Spencer”, starring American actress Kristen Stewart, the name grew again in the country — as well as its variants: Diana, Diane and Diane.

New tendencies

According to BabyCenter, Léo grows in the ranking, notably for being the name of the son of singer Marília Mendonça, who died in a plane crash in November 2021. The extended version of the name, Leonardo, has also been climbing the list.

Tributes have also begun to emerge among trends, such as the name of Paulo Gustavo, actor, comedian, director and presenter who died in May 2021 due to complications caused by COVID-19.

Although names like Helena and Miguel remain firm in their top positions in the list of most used names, options like Alice, Maitê, Gael and Noah promise to compete for the leadership of the rankings in the coming years.

Another name that has been standing out among Brazilian parents is Jade, driven by influencers Jade Picon and Jade Seba. This trend can also be explained by the short and international spelling, and also by the rerun of the soap opera “O Clone” (Rede Globo) and by the inspiration in nature — another trend that remains strong in 2022.

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Different international names are on the rise

A few years ago, a generation of babies born in Brazil has been emerging with different names and little used in the past, with inspirations in African, Nordic, biblical and sports roots. This is the case of Baruk, Asaph, Hadassa, Ayo, Akin and Ivar.

According to BabyCenter, well-known international names, but with different spellings, are also very strong, such as Bryan, Isabelly and Heloise.

more original alternatives

It is common that, when registering the baby, parents realize that the name chosen has become too common. At these times, they bet on creativity and choose similar and more original alternatives — and 2022 is no different.

Micael (alternative to Miguel), Rael (alternative to Gael), Alicia (alternative to Alice) and Íris (alternative to Isis) are some of the names that are appearing in the ranking. In addition, according to BabyCenter, another way that families find variations is to give a nickname, such as Bella, Malu and Analu.

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