Ana Paula Torres advances winter 2023 trends


Winter and boots form the ideal duo when creating looks accurate and charming. When choosing shoes, a label that often appears in the fashionsita’s closet is the Paula Torres. With an eye on the success and expansion of the brand, the column spoke with the designer and founder of the eponymous label. Among colors, leathers and shapesthe businesswoman reveals the trends for the coming winter and the next steps of the company, which, in August, celebrates 10 years of operation.

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It was at the end of her law degree, attended at the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro (PUC Rio), that Ana Paula Torres began to be enchanted by fashion. In her luggage, she took her ambition for footwear and landed in Rio Grande do Sul, precisely at the shoe fairs in the state, recognized as one of the main footwear hubs in Brazil.

Based in São Paulo, the mining company has built a strong DNA in handmade. Quality, product, finish, technology and people solidify the pillars of Paula Torres. “I have a very united and very good team. My main collaborators have been with me practically since the beginning of the brand”, she celebrates.

With an elegant and sophisticated aesthetic, the collections are made of noble materials, with high scores. “To guarantee the quality of our products, we invest in quality raw materials. We work with nappa leather, both goat and cow”, he reveals.

Two white women in front of a store
Paula Torres and Bebel Avelar in front of the store opened in Brasília

Two white women in front of a store
The space is located in Shopping Iguatemi, in Lago Norte

Store facade in mall
The project opened its doors to the public in May of this year.

Store facade in mall
In August, the Paula Torres brand celebrates 10 years

Always ahead, while the products of the season land in stores, the creative director is already finishing production for next winter. “We are finishing winter 2022 in stores, and I already have the summer compilation arriving in stores. stores. My summer has been ready for five months and I’ve even made sales in showrooms“.

“For the season, we are going to have a lot of shine, both in crystals and in metals”, shares Ana Paula. The businesswoman also adds that heels are making a comeback. “We went through a phase of a lot of paperwork, everyone else at home, but now the ladies are returning to the jump. We’re also going to have gladiators and lots of colors, like green, caramel and brown tones.”

For the winter of next year, which will arrive in stores in January, Ana advances the trends: boots, boots and, of course, the style western, top trend of the season. “Now for the colors, let’s have a lot of caramel! Fees and cuts in modeling are other differentials”, he endorses.

White woman with leather shoes
The boots are the brand’s flagship

Black woman with leather shoes
With different textures and tones

Two women in leather shoes
For the next season, footwear will remain in the fashion spotlight.

White woman with leather shoes
Macrame is another highlight.

Born in Patos de Minas, Minas Gerais, Ana Paula is the style and marketing director at the company. However, she began her career creating shoes to be sold exclusively on established labels in the market, such as Animale, Maria Bonita, Agilitá and Daslu, for example.

While designing and following the production of the compilations, he developed his creative capacity to start his own brand. 10 years ago, the fascination with fashion turned into daily learning.

The first physical address gained space on Rua João Cachoeira, in Itaim, in São Paulo. “It was my first store, and to this day I make a point of maintaining it. I don’t undo it and I don’t take it out of there. We started as a mezzanine and now we go down to the ground floor”, he highlights.

“We started with Shopping JK Iguatemi and I also started collaborative collections. In fact, at my first event at the mall, I called 10 girls each to sign a shoe. Among them were Lala Rudge and Fernanda Rolim,” she recalls.

Then the brand joined Alice Ferraz, CEO of the influencer agency hits. The partnership continues to this day, in addition to the company’s internal marketing.

White woman with leather shoes
To guarantee the quality of the products, the brand invests in excellent raw materials, with high scores.

White woman with leather shoes
The products are made with nappa leather.

White woman with leather shoes
The production of the collections takes shape in Vale do Rio dos Sinos, in Rio Grande do Sul

White woman with leather shoes
“Currently, I have three factories that work exclusively for us. We also have our own office in loco and a team of supervisors to evaluate the quality control and follow-up of the workforce of the products”, says Ana Paula Torres.

In May, the brand opened a physical store in Brasília. “Although the stores are almost all concentrated in São Paulo, the DF was already our place, and we sold a lot to the capital through e-commerce. Bebel Avelar is the name in front of the store in Brasília and it is a very important step for us to be able to manage our own store”, says Ana Paula Torres.

The brand also has a distribution center in Miami, in the United States, which ships worldwide. “In December or January 2023, we will open a physical store in Switzerland, in Geneva. We already sell to multi-brand stores all over the world”, completes the businesswoman.

women with leather shoes
The quality of the products is a brand requirement

White woman with leather shoes
The ends of the pieces are also made by hand.

White woman with leather shoes
The summer collection is in physical stores

White woman with leather shoes
With unique touches and details

The preview of the summer 2023 collection is available on the website Paula Torres, in physical and multi-brand stores throughout the national territory. Check the addresses here.

The month of August will be one of celebrations for the label, due to Ana Torres’ 10th birthday. From the 10th, the celebrations will begin in São Paulo, the brand’s hometown. Afterwards, all stores in the country will also enter the mood, entitled to the shiny collection and thematic label, marked on the shoes, with collectible status.

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