Americanas SA expands the use of the eureciclo seal to its own home and decoration brands


Americanas SA expands the use of the eureciclo seal to its own home and decoration brands (Credit: Disclosure)


In a project that started in 2021, Americanas SA, in partnership with eureciclo – leader in the recycling credit certificate market – is expanding the environmental compensation seal for the packaging of products from its exclusive home, kitchen and decoration brands. With the objective of mitigating the impacts of the company’s operation on the environment, the partnership foresees that more than 10 tons of solid waste will be recycled through the environmental compensation model. This initiative is in line with the company’s commitment to reducing waste generation and encouraging the recycling chain, in addition to reinforcing the decarbonization plan and the company’s goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2025.

The result of a partnership between the company’s innovation laboratory and the areas of private labels and sustainability, the initiative considers, in all, that more than 500 new products from the Home Basic, Classic Home and Casa & Conforto brands receive certification. Exclusive brands join Leven, food and beverage – the company’s first to receive the eureciclo seal. Considering only Leven, the partnership has already enabled the recycling of more than 26 tons of waste, including plastics and paper.

“We are very happy to further strengthen our ties with this important partner that is already part of Americanas + Clima, our marketplace for products with reliable certifications, which contribute to reducing the impacts of climate change. This initiative contributes to the integration of our own brands into the company’s ESG strategy”, says Bruna Sabóia, sustainability manager at Americanas SA

Based on this partnership, Americanas SA promotes the allocation of financial resources for the development of the recycling chain through the environmental compensation of the packaging of the products of the brands that carry this seal. In other words, the seal indicates that another package made of the same material – plastic, paper, glass or metal – will be recycled in the same region. “It is an investment that reinforces the company’s role in combating climate change and its impacts on the environment, in line with Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 13 of the UN 2030 Agenda, one of the 5 prioritized in Americanas’ ESG strategy. ”, reinforces Savoy.

“Joining forces with Americanas SA is a way to increase not only the volumes of reused materials – which do not end up in the environment – ​​but also to value the professionals in the chain, since the remuneration of Recycling Certificates is higher than that of the market. We are happy to know that we are combining environmental and social benefits, which must go together for sustainability to happen”, explains Camila Uggeri, customer relationship manager at eureciclo.

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