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8 tips to help you prioritize mental health in your home decor. In the image, a project signed by designers Marina Ribas and Fred Gelli (Photo: Disclosure)

Interior design goes far beyond aesthetics, as it can be used as a tool to create spaces that are beneficial for mental health. So if you want to create relaxing spaces and welcoming in your home that help you prioritize your mental health, these tips are sure to help:

1. Accentuate the signs of nature

8 tips to help you prioritize mental health in your home decor (Photo: Disclosure)

Project by interior designer Carolyn Miller (Photo: Disclosure)

THE nature has been shown to have a great positive effect on mental health, so accentuating its presence in the home is a great option to improve peace in space. You can position the furniture towards the windows to have a direct view of nature, install a table in the garden and even remove the curtains gives kitchen for a spectacular view while cooking. In this way, you take advantage of the outdoors and make it part of the decor.

2. Enjoy the space

8 tips to help you prioritize mental health in your home decor (Photo: Fran Parente)

Project signed by the architect Pedro Felix (Photo: Fran Parente)

Clutter in the home can be a huge source of stress, so the best thing to do to take care of your mental health is to get rid of as much clutter as possible, including unnecessary furniture and decorative elements that don’t serve a purpose. Minimalism can be the best solution for those who prefer to eliminate visual noise, and taking advantage of the space in the house can be a great solution to create places full of peace and tranquility.

3. Fill the space with fresh air and light

These tips will help you prioritize your mental health in your spaces (Photo: Getty Images)

Open the windows and let the air circulate (Photo: Getty Images)

It is important that fresh air circulates throughout the house and that the natural light invade every corner. That’s because they’ll help you freshen up the house and motivate you to get up and start your day. So start the day by opening the curtains and windows and, if possible, spend some time outdoors and in contact with nature.

4. Surround yourself with what you love

8-tips-to-help-you-prioritize-your-mental-health-in-home-decor (Photo: Raphael Briest/Disclosure)

Design by decorator Christina Hamoui (Photo: Raphael Briest/Disclosure)

Decorative trends do not always have to adapt to your personal tastes and it is important that your home is always decorated with pieces that give you peace and joy. So if you want to fill your house with colorful arthanging swings or decorating with toys that evoke nostalgia, the most important thing is that you decorate with elements you love and that help create a happy and personalized environment.

5. Create boundaries between work and home

These tips will help you prioritize your mental health in your spaces (Photo: Getty Images)

It is necessary to separate personal life from work (Photo: Getty Images)

If your work or study schedule is remote, your whole house is likely to become an office during the day, but that’s actually not healthy. The best thing you can do for your mental health is to create boundaries for your personal life at home and at work, so it’s important that you design an office space and don’t let work slip away from that zone. Also, remember to respect your schedule so you don’t create an overload of work and manage to maintain a healthy balance.

6. Add plants

8-tips-to-help-you-prioritize-your-mental-health-in-home-decor (Photo: Lília Mendel/Disclosure)

Project by landscape designer Bia Chimenti (Photo: Lília Mendel/Disclosure)

Indoor plants are always a good solution to add color, nature and joy to the home. You can start with some starter plants and bring a touch of green to your home. Plus, taking care of these plants is a great mental health-promoting activity, and the purified air plants generate will help you feel more productive and relaxed.

7. Plan social events

8-tips-to-help-you-prioritize-your-mental-health-in-home-decor (Photo: Reproduction/Amazon)

Decorating the dining table to receive is good (Photo: Reproduction / Amazon)

If you are a sociable and outgoing person, you can use your home as a meeting place and enjoy time in the kitchen preparing food. In addition, this activity will help you experiment with new ways to decorate the dining room or the garden, and social interaction will be highly beneficial for your mental health.

8. Move your body

These tips will help you prioritize your mental health in your spaces (Photo: Getty Images)

Relaxing and welcoming spaces in the home make a difference in the quality of life (Photo: Getty Images)

The best thing you can do to improve your mental health at home is to keep moving. It can feel difficult to move your body when you’re at home all day, but there are small changes you can make to increase your mobility, like installing a table with a treadmill, following your daily cleaning routines, and even rearranging your decor.

These little tips will help you improve your mental health in the comfort of your own home, creating comfortable, safe spaces that will help you get out of bed every day motivated and ready for anything.

*Article originally published in Architectural Digest
Translation: Jonathan Pereira

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