4 ideal items for those who have little space


Check out multipurpose furniture options that are very useful for those who don’t have so much space at home

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With ever smaller spaces in houses and apartments, multipurpose furniture is the new darling of many people. And it’s no wonder, after all, they have several features and still help to save precious space at home.

Multipurpose furniture is available for the furniture of basically all environments, ranging from trunk sofas to stackable chairs and benches that turn into tables. And recently, this type of furniture has become even more ideal for many people, as our needs are always changing.

“Over the years, the needs of the home can change. Also, for many people, saving space indoors has become a necessity. During the pandemic, for example, the bedroom has acquired a new function in many homes, as an office for remote work. In the face of all the needs of modern life, multifunctional furniture has been consolidated in recent years as a reality and has been gaining more and more fans”, explains Pamela Paz, founder and CEO of a subscription furniture company.

Among the countless possibilities of multipurpose furniture, there are some that have been very successful in many houses and apartments around. Check out some of them and get inspired to apply these ideas in your own home:


The niche is an excellent example of a joker furniture to compose the decoration of any environment, see? With it, you can store various objects without taking up so much space in the environments and still give a different touch to the decoration of the rooms.

Some niches also have shelves or drawersso always pay attention to choose the best type for your needs.

sofa bed

A few decades ago, the sofa bed, that is, the furniture that plays the role of a sofa, but also hides a bed, which can be opened when necessary, was a great novelty. However, today, the item is very common and integrates the decoration of many homes.

And you can understand why, right? After all, the sofa bed is really a good option for when it is necessary to have one more bed in the house for guests, for example, but there is not much space.

The sofa bed is one of the most used multipurpose furniture in homes and apartments lately.

The sofa bed is one of the most used multipurpose furniture in homes and apartments lately.

Photo: Shutterstock / Alto Astral

multipurpose shelves

In the past, the shelves had a single function: that of support for televisions. However, currently, this piece is essential for the decoration of rooms and has even gained a new function, also becoming room dividers. So, it’s always good to think about this option if you decide to create a division between two spaces in your home, huh?

organizing cabinets

Cabinets are essential to ensure efficiency for environments, as they can be used in every room and are very important to keep the house organized. But did you know that they can also be multipurpose?

That’s right! Used mainly in the kitchen, in addition to being useful for storing food and household items, they can turn into a small table for meals or even food preparation. Interesting, isn’t it?

Source: Pamela Paz, founder and CEO of Tuim.

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