23 Creative ways to decorate with colored tape


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It’s been a few years since duct tape like washi first appeared as a non-permanent means to decorate all sorts of things. Since then, DIYs using the material have gone viral on the internet.

Despite having a fun appearance with numerous colors and prints, it is possible to achieve a chic and creative look using these adhesive tapes. To prove this, we have selected 10 examples of projects that will make your home look more elegant!

Giving a new look to the closets


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Here, washi tape in a pastel rainbow style is used to line the doors of kitchen cabinets. Using this material, which also comes in neutral palettes, is a great tip for renters looking for a temporary solution.

diamond accent wall


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This creative and serene home features a focal concrete wall with a simple diamond pattern made from duct tape. An especially smart trick for those with concrete or plaster walls that are difficult to nail.

grid wall


Photo: Melanie Rieders/Apartment Therapy / Casa.com

An inexpensive way to achieve a patterned look for your kitchen. Create a grid pattern with a super-thin ribbon and risk leaving the lines imperfect for a result that may surprise you.

Photo gallery


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Pasting art on the wall is one of the biggest functions of washi tape. In this Scandinavian-style apartment with a California vibe, photos come together to create a stunning piece of art, thanks to a few strips of black ribbon.

create a pattern


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All you need is a tape measure and scissors to design an accent surface with criss-cross tapes. If that pattern isn’t your thing, any repeating design or geometric shape will work too.

geometric wall


Photo: Marisa Vitale/Apartment Therapy / Casa.com

We love the design found on this apartment wall. Although the lines look random, they are placed within a grid that, when combined with a minimal black and white color scheme, looks precise and harmonious.

mini vertical gallery


Photo: Cathy Pyle/Apartment Therapy / Casa.com

It is mini gallery wall is another take on what washi tape can do with small prints. We love the juxtaposition of the sporadically placed vertical gallery in muted tones alongside a framed black and white print.

Art Deco frames


Photo: Nancy Mitchell/Apartment Therapy / Casa.com

The wall above the bed is also a great place to let your creativity flow with the material. We love how the streamlined Art Deco designs contrast with the modern, colorful bedding. Most importantly, we love the fact that these frames can’t fall on your head while you sleep.

unexpected touches


Photo: Kim Lucian/Apartment Therapy / Casa.com

This beautiful gallery wall in a small neutral space is made fun with little dots of color. Hot pink became the focus of a subtle and subdued design.

simple picture frame


Photo: Minette Hand/Apartment Therapy / Casa.com

The washi tape frames are a great reminder that perfection isn’t everything. Their asymmetry and irregular lines give them a quality that complements the interior art.

Check out more beautiful inspirations in the gallery below!


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